Get Your Hearing Checked Regularly

Never had your hearing checked? Finding the right time to have your hearing checked or to tell a loved one to have their hearing checked can be tricky. Maybe you are convinced your hearing is fine and perhaps you don’t want to hurt a loved ones feelings. However, if you follow one simple rule you can avoid the awkward conversation altogether. Simply have your hearing examined regularly.

If you are wondering why we have not chosen a specific age to start having regular hearing examinations, it is because hearing loss is no longer considered an age-related disorder. For those who do not have hearing loss, it is also good for the hearing professional you see to have a baseline report of your hearing.  As we grow older, the chances of having hearing loss only increase. Early detection of hearing loss is key to a good treatment plan and also making sure that your hearing loss doesn’t leave you disconnected from the world around you. Those who put off treating their hearing loss often experience reduced cognitive abilities. This can lead to dementia and other types of diseases. However with the help of a friendly hearing care professional, support from loved ones, and the perfect hearing device you can easily stay healthy, fit, and active with your social life. Don’t let the frustration of hearing loss get in your way! Make sure you have a hearing exam regularly to ensure that your hearing is healthy and on track!

Hearing exams are normally very simple and never scary. First we will ask you to answer a few hearing loss and general health questions to get a sense of your hearing concerns. Next we will take a look into the ear to see if there are any blockages. This part you will also be able to see, which most find very interesting. Then we will move on to test your hearing abilities at certain pitches and frequencies. If we find that you need to pursue having a hearing device, we  will help you pick the best one for your lifestyle.

Contact us at Mass Audiology today to have your hearing exam appointment set up.  We will help answer your hearing loss concerns with years of knowledge and state of the art equipment.

Last Updated: Aug 29, 2014

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