Why Hearing Loss Sometimes Goes Unnoticed

Hearing Loss Sometimes UnnoticedAs we age or even in our younger years we have plenty of doctors visits. These visits would lead most people to believe that if they had a hearing problem, it would have probably been addressed at some point during a physical or routine visit. However, many times hearing loss goes undetected during these visits because the appointment is not dedicated to just your hearing. Unless you specifically bring up a hearing concern, it probably won’t be mentioned. So then  why don’t more people talk about their hearing concerns in regular yearly check-ups? Well, sometimes you may not even realize you have a hearing problem!

Hearing loss can go undetected for many different reasons. Mild to moderate hearing loss can often be written off by friends and family and even yourself as a non issue very easily. Maybe the dinner party was just really noisey, the traffic sounds were terrible, or your husband was just ignoring you (again). These little everyday things get written off as normal and soon thats the way life is and you don’t know any different. When you don’t realize your hearing has been compromised it is hard to seek treatment because you are just simply unaware. It is easy to take for granted the sounds around you that just slipped away into the background slowly without you noticing. It is not until someone brings it up to your attention that your hearing may not be what is used to be that you might realize it is a health concern. Maybe the birds don’t chirp as much, laughter from children isn’t quite as loud, and again, you can’t always hearing your wife well when she talks to you. These are all signs of hearing loss that can go unnoticed but can eventually start to cause bigger issues in your quality of life. It is recommended that you see an hearing care professional if any of the things mentioned in this blog sound familiar to you. They can help show you the sounds you have been missing out on and how a hearing aid can help open the world of wonderful noises up again!

Hearing care is no joke to the specialist at Mass Audiology. We are dedicated to providing you with top quality hearing loss treatment and guidance with hearing aid selections. Schedule an appointment at a Mass Audiology location today and get onto the path of better hearing again!

Last Updated: Jul 31, 2014

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