How Your Thyroid is Connected to Hearing Developement

Our thyroid plays a very important role in our bodies, some you may not even be aware of, others you might know. Its proper function is crucial in regulating our heart rate and metabolism  The thyroid can have a great affect on weight, hair loss, anxiety, fatigue, and so forth. These are all side effects of thyroid issues when it is under or overactive. Research now shows that thyroid issues can lead to congenital deafness.

The study, which looked at the effect of the thyroid on hearing, was researched by Professor Karen B. Avraham and Dr. Amiel Dror. They are from the Department of Human Molecular Genetics and Biochemistry at TAU’s Sackler School of Medicine. What they found was that when there was a lack of a thyroid hormone during development, congenital deafness can be caused. To figure this out, researchers used mice and studied their inner ears. Two groups of mice were used, one as a control and the other a mutant group that were congentially deaf. In the deaf mice, the inner ear hairs were looked at by labeling them with bright colors so the researchers could see the issues with the hair cells organization patterns. Using this strategy, researchers saw that structural issues were connected to hypothyroidism. They saw hair cells that either failed to grow or never fully finished development due to a lack of thyroid hormones. Thus, hearing loss was a direct result. The researchers hope to use this finding as a way to prevent hearing loss in the future. If they can treat issues like a lack of thyroid hormones, they may be able to attack one cause of hearing loss and eliminate it. Their research will continue until they find a way to help those affected by hypothyroidism and subsequent hearing loss.

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Last Updated: Oct 10, 2014

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