Different Types of Hearing Aids Accessories

Hearing aid accessories are the supporting devices which can be used along side with your hearing aids. There are various types of hearing aid accessories available depending the model of the hearing aid. Some hearing aid accessories help with maintaining your hearing aid while others are used to help connect you and your hearing aid to third party devices such as your cell phone, television, or MP3 player. Some of the hearing aid accessories that are available include:

Hearing Aid Clips: These are also important for hearing aids as these help in preventing the hearing equipments from falling off the ear. In other words, these help in keeping the hearing aids intact at their proper place. Various designs and colours are available for hearing aid clips.

Ear Protectors: As is clear from the name; these are the devices which protect the outer ear or the inner canal from noise, water or other harmful substances which may interfere with the working of hearing aids. Depending upon the type and functioning of the hearing aids, these accessories are available in various sizes and designs.

Hearing Aid Cleaners: Yet another important part of hearing aid accessories which is worth mentioning is hearing aid cleaners. These help in preventing building up of wax or moisture which may damage the hearing equipment. Various forms of hearing aid cleaners available are sprays, hearing aid solutions and wax guards.

Hearing Aid Storage Cases: Apart from using and maintaining the hearing aids, it is equally important that these must be kept and stored at proper place when you are not using hearing equipments. Proper hearing aid storage cases are provided to keep your hearing aids safe form all sorts of external damages.

Communication Microphones: Are you using hearing aid systems but still having trouble hearing well in the car or in very noisy restaurants? Then a Wireless Communication Microphone may be the answer. This is a small unit that the speaker wears clipped to their shirt and it sends their voice directly to your hearing aids. This allows you to hear clearly in almost any amount of noise.

Wireless Connection Devices: Whether they use Bluetooth or WiFi, there are many different kinds of wireless connection devices for your hearing aids. These devices help connect you and your hearing aid to other devices including cell phones, TV’s, computers, and music playing devices. NOTE: After purchasing your hearing aid, ask your hearing care professional about available hearing aid accessories that are compatible with your hearing aid.

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Last Updated: Dec 18, 2013