How Hearing Can Affect Your Quality of Life

Hearing loss is one of the most prevalent chronic conditions in the United States. Studies have shown that untreated hearing loss can have certain effects on a person’s quality of life, causing depression, increased anxiety, lack of self-confidence, irritability, and more. Not shockingly, some studies also indicate that hearing loss affects both the individuals with the hearing loss problems, as well as their families and loved ones. Hearing loss not only makes it difficult to communicate with family and friends, but it also makes it more difficult for a person to hear sounds that may indicate danger.  All in all, the quality of life can be affected by the irregular and disrupted communication patterns caused by hearing loss. Thankfully, there are plenty of hearing care solutions and hearing loss treatments.

Since hearing loss typically occurs gradually, many people don’t realize the negative effects that occur because of it.  Studies and statistics continue to show that hearing impairment in America will reach new levels in coming years, and currently, only about one in five people with hearing loss seek the appropriate and necessary treatment which is particularly alarming because we know how hearing can affect your quality of life. There is also evidence that hearing loss can negatively affect patients with Alzheimer’s and other cognitive disorders, affecting memory, alertness, and general ability to cope. An individual with even a moderate hearing loss can have a total functional impact similar to those exhibited by people with a major medical condition. When it’s all said and done, untreated hearing loss can definitely affect your quality of life. You should not go another day with speaking to a hearing care professional about your hearing loss problems. Enjoy life more with better hearing!

It has been proven that people who have started to use hearing aids saw improvements in parts of their lives including their mental health, their sense of independence, and their social life. Even older adults have noticed the differences between older hearing devices and the hearing aids of today and have really enjoyed the benefits of newer hearing aid models.

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Last Updated: Dec 17, 2013