Solutions for Common Hearing Aid Problems

Here are some tips for troubleshooting your hearing aid.

If device stops working:

  • Examine the receiver and all openings to make sure there is no wax residue or buildup
  • Ensure all pieces, such as tubing, are connected correctly
  • Make sure nothing is blocking the microphone
  • Look for any damage such as cracks or breaks
  • Verify the hearing aid is turned on
  • Make sure the volume is high enough for you to hear
  • Confirm the battery is charged
  • Confirm the battery is inserted correctly
  • Check for and remove moisture

If device produces feedback:

  •  Check the volume levels
  • Make sure the device is inserted correctly
  • Verify the microphone is not obstructed by anything, such as an article of clothing
  • Consult your audiologist
  • Have your ear canal examined for wax buildup

If you are still having issues with your hearing aid device, you should contact your local hearing aid center.

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Last Updated: Dec 18, 2013