What To Expect

Having your hearing tested is recommended starting at age 50 unless you have experienced symptoms of hearing loss sooner. When you have chosen the hearing care professional who is right for you, you will first receive a hearing evaluation. A hearing evaluation is an easy and painless. It begins with the doctor asking you a few simple medical history questions so they can get a better idea of your lifestyle. They may ask questions such as:

  • Do you have difficulty hearing?
  • How long have you had a hearing loss?
  • Does anyone in your family have a hearing problem?
  • Do you have difficulty hearing from one ear or both ears?
  • Were you or are you exposed to loud noise daily?
  • Do your ear(s) ring?
  • Do you have trouble with dizziness or balance?
  • Did you suffer from ear infections as a child?
  • Is there any pain in your ear(s)?
  • Is it harder to hear the voices of men, women, or children?
  • Do you have difficulty following a conversation in noisy environments?

If you answer yes to any of these questions the next step is to have a hearing test performed. This is painless and simply involves you listening to noises at different levels. From here the hearing care professional can determine your ability to hear certain frequencies and or pitches. The hearing test can last a few minutes up depending on your type of hearing loss. Once the test has been completed your hearing care professional will share your results with you. This is where they will break down what exactly your hearing loss means and how you should treat it. Many times a doctor will also take the time to ask you about any medications you are on as they can affect your ears and hearing. Once a clear diagnosis has been made if you need hearing aids you can move onto being fitted for the right one. It may also be suggested that you come in for a hearing exam at least once a year to monitor any changes with your hearing loss.

Studies have shown that the sooner you treat your hearing loss the better you will adjust to your hearing aids. This is why having a hearing exam performed at the first signs of hearing loss is important for your overall well being. Schedule your hearing evaluation today!

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Last Updated: Dec 18, 2013