When Should You Get Your Hearing Tested?

Did you know that nearly 50 million Americans suffer from hearing loss and that many people will forego a hearing test because they do not believe their hearing loss is severe enough? Having your hearing tested can be the difference between living life and hiding from it. Now more than ever, audiologists are not only viewing hearing loss as a disability due to aging, but as a disorder that is becoming increasingly more common in younger people, mainly attributed to listening to media devices like MP3 players at high volumes that can damaging the hearing. Since hearing loss does not discriminate based on age or gender you may be wondering when the right time to have your hearing tested is. The general rule of thumb is that a hearing test should be performed at first sign of a hearing loss issue. The earlier the detection the better the treatment plan outcome will be and the faster you can get back to living your life to the fullest. Below you will find a common list of hearing loss signs and symptoms.

You should have your hearing tested if you have experienced any of the following symptoms:

  • Frequently asking others to repeat themselves.
  • Speech sounding muffled.
  • Difficulty hearing women and or children’s voices.
  • Frequently turning the volume on your TV, radio, and or phone up.
  • Avoiding noisy places such as restaurants because communication becomes stressful.
  • Avoiding social settings.

If you find any of the above signs and symptoms of hearing loss familiar, you should have your hearing looked at by a hearing professional. When your hearing loss is affecting your daily life, it is time to consult with a hearing specialist and have a hearing test performed. A hearing test will give you the answers to any of your hearing loss concerns and will help you feel more comfortable in regular activities. So have your hearing tested today!

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Last Updated: Dec 18, 2013