Mass Audiology has one goal, to help you experience the world through sound. We believe you should enjoy clear and natural sounds without the struggle to do so. We give our patients the best quality hearing aids available by offering our Reveal Line of hearing products. The Reveal hearing aids are easy to use, comfortable to wear, and come packed with the technology you need to hear the world around you.

At Mass Audiology we understand what your hearing loss needs are which is why every Reveal hearing instrument comes with the best technology available. Advanced technology is how you will achieve better hearing. With your Reveal hearing device you will experience clear sound processing, virtually no feedback, and top of the line noise management so no matter what environment you are in you will still be able to enjoy clear sounds. Not only will the sound you experience be unbelievably clear but some of the Reveal hearing devices are also bluetooth compatible! The essential Reveal hearing instruments come with this technology and as you move up in levels, the technology does as well.

Our Reveal Product Line:

  • Reveal K22
  • Reveal K21
  • Reveal K14
  • Reveal K13
  • Reveal K9
  • Reveal K7
  • Reveal K 5
  • Reveal D Series
  • Go Pro
  • Chili BTE

Hearing devices also come in many different styles so you can always be comfortable when wearing your Reveal hearing device. Our style options include BTE, RITE, and custom styles with many different color options as well. The Reveal hearing aid is manufactured to deliver powerful sound processing in a discrete shell.

Mass Audiology has hearing care office locations throughout Maine, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and New Hampshire. We are a leading hearing aid dispenser offering the best hearing aid products available. Come see what Reveal hearing instruments can do for you. Contact Mass Audiology today!

Last Updated: Dec 28, 2012